Stern's Guide to the Greatest Resorts of the World, Stern's Guide to the Cruise Vacation, Stern's Guide to European Riverboats and Hotel Barges, and The Indispensable Guide to Foreign Words and Phrases--by Steven B. Stern (Sponsored by Stern's Travel Guides, Ltd.)
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S.S. Legacy: (formerly Spirit of 98, Pilgirm Belle, Colonial Explorer, Victorian Empress); entered service 1984; renovated 2012; 96 G.R.T.; 192' x 40'; 88-passenger capacity; 45 cabins; cruises to Alaska, Columbia & Snake Rivers. (not rated)

Safari Endeavour: (formerly Spirit of Endeavour, Sea Spirit, Newport Clipper); entered service 1983; 99 G.R.T.; 232 x 37'; 86-passenger capacity; 43 cabins; cruises in Alaska and Mexico's Sea of Cortés. (not rated)

Safari Explorer: (formerly Rapture); entered service 1998; renovated 2008; 97 G.R.T.; 145' x 36'; 36-passenger capacity; 18 cabins; cruises in Alaska and Hawaiian Islands. (not rated)

Safari Quest:( formerly Obsession); entered service1992;;renovated 2006;97 G.R.T.; 120' x 29'; 22-passenger capacity; 11 cabins; cruises to Alaska, Columbia & Snake Rivers, Washington State and British Columbia.(not rated)

Safari Voyager: (formerly Sea Voyager, Temptress Voyager, The America); entered service 1982; renovated 2013; 174'x 36'; 64-passenger capacity; 33 cabins; cruises in Mexico's Sea of Cortés, Costa Rica, Panama and Belize.(not rated)

Wilderness Adventurer:(formerly Caribbean Prince); entered service 1984; renovated 2011; 89 G.R.T.; 60' x 39'; 60-passenger capacity; 30 cabins; cruises in Alaska. (not rated)

Wilerness Discoverer:(formerly Mayan Prince); entered service 1992; renovated 2011; 99 G.R.T.; 176' x 39'; 76-passenger capacity; 38 cabins; cruises in Alaska. (not rated)

Wilderness Explorer: (formerly Spirit of Discovery, The Independence, Columbia); entered service 1976; renovated 2012; 94 G.R.T.; 186'x 38'; 76-passenger cpacity; 38 cabins; cruises in Alaska. (not rated)
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