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Orient-Express Trains & Cruises
Central Reservation Office
205 Meeting Street
Charleston, SC 29401
Tel: 1-800-524-2420
Fax: 843 937 9036
Alouette: converted 1986; renovated 1999; refurbished 2008; 98' x 17'; 4-passenger capacity; four-English and French-speaking crew; two cabins 205' & 269' square feet with en-suite bathroom. (Category-A)

Amaryllis: converted 2001; refurbished 2007; 129' x 16.6'; eight-passenger capacity; six English-and French-speaking crew; four cabins with en-suite bathroom one 135 square feet, one 179 square feet; and two 222-square feet. (Category A)

Fleur de Llys: converted 1996; refurbished frequently ; 129' x 16.6''; six-passenger capacity; six English-and French-speaking crew; three staterooms: one 254 square feet, one 179 square feet, and one 191 square feet, all with en-suite. (Category A)

Hirondelle: converted1992 ; frequently refurbished; 128' x 17'; eight-passenger capacity five English-and French-speaking crew; Four cabins with en-suite bathroom, two at 124 square feet and two at 104 square feet. (Category B)

Napoleon: converted1963; frequently renovated and refurbished; 128' x 16.5'; twelve-passenger capacity; six English-and French-speaking crew; six cabins, one at 92 square feet and five at 103 square feet, all with en-suite bathroom. (Category B)
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