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D-70499 Mittlerer Pfad 2
Stuttgart, Germany
Tel. +497112489900
Fax. + 4971124899028

(Nicko Tours has assigned their own classification to each of their vessels: middle class, middle class plus, comfort class, comfort class plus, and deluxe. These are their designations and not mine. As previously stated, I have not recently cruised on any of these ships, nor inspected them since they have been charted by Nicko Tours.)

MS ALEMANNIA: 110m. x 11.6m.; 184- passenger capacity; cabins are 12 & 24 sq.m.(middle class plus)

MS BELLIVUE: 115 meters x 11.4 meters; 194-passenger capacity; cabins are 13 sq.m (comfort class)
  MS BELLISIMA: entered service 2004; 110m. x 11.4m.; 134-passenger capacity; cabins are 13 & 24sq.m.(comfort class)

MS BIJOU: 111.2m. x 11.4m.; 154- passenger capacity; cabins are 12 & 15 sq.m.(comfort class )

MS BOLERO: 126.7m x 11.4m; 180-passenger capacity; cabins are 16 sq.m. (comfort class)

MS CASANOVA: 103m. x 9.7m.; 96- passenger capacity; cabins are 12 & 16 sq.m.(comfort class plus)

MS CEZANNE: 118m. x 11.6m.; 102 -passenger capacity; cabins 15 sq.m.(comfort class plus)

MS CLASSICA: 111.2m. x 11.4m.; 157- passenger capacity; cabins 12&15sq.m.(comfort class)

MS DOURO CRUISER AND MS DOURO QUEEN:  78.113m. x 11.4m.; 130- passenger capacity; cabins 15 sq.m.(comfort class)

MS DNEPR: 105.9m. x 16.1m.; 160- passenger capacity; cabins 8,11, & 14sq.m. (middle class)

MS DONAUSTAR: 107.3m. x 12.8m.; 168-passenger capacity; cabins 11 sq.m. & 20sq.m.(middle class)

MS DUORO QUEEN: 78.11m. x 11.4m.; 130 -passenger capacity; cabins 15sq.m.(comfort class)

MS FEDIN: 125m. x 16.7m.; 240-passenger capacity; cabins 8,10,13,& 30 sq.m.(Russia Cruises middle class)

MS FLAMENCO: 135m. x 11.4m.; 200- passenger capacity; cabins 13 sq.m.(comfort class)

MS FREDERIC CHOPIN: 83m. x 9.5m.; 80-passenger capacity ; cabins 12 &13 sq.m.(comfort class plus)

MS HEIDELBERG: 109.4m. x 11.4m.; 110- passenger capacity; cabins 18sq.m.(deluxe class)

MS HEINRICH HEINE: 106.6m. x 11.1m.; 110- passenger capacity; cabins 12 & 17 sq.m.(middle class)
MS KATHERINA VON BORA: 83m. x 9.52m.; 80- passenger capacity; cabins 12 & 13 sq.m.(comfort+ class)

MS MAXIMA: `126.7m X 11.4m; 180-passenger capacity;  cabins are 16 sq.m. (comfort class plus)

 MS MOLDAVIA: 116m x 17m; 180- passenger capacity; cabins 11sq.m.(middle class)

MS PRIMADONA: 113.4m x 17.4m ;156-passenger capacity; cabins 16 sq.m.; (comfort class plus)

MS PRINCESSE DE PROVENCE: 110m. x 11.2m.; 150- passenger capacity; cabins 11 sq.m.(comfort class)

MS RIVER ART: 110m. x 11.4m.; 128- passenger capacity; cabins 11 & 17sq.m.(comfort class)

MS ROUSSE: 113.5m. x 16m.; 192- passenger capacity; cabins 11 & 17 sq.m.(middle class)

MS UKRAINIA: 116m x 17m; 178-passenger capacity; cabins are 8, 11 and 14 sq.m.; (middle classs plus)

MS VIKTORIA: 126.7m. X 11.4m;180-passenger capacity; cabins are 16 sq.m. (comfort class plus)

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