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entered service in 1996 and 1995 respectively; 69,130 GRT; 867 x 105 feet; 2,076 and 2,024- passenger capacity respectively; 900 and 915 cabins respectively; international oficers and crew (Category C/D-not rated)  
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Calypso: 11,162 GRT; 486-passenger capacity; cruises Black Sea and eastern Mediterranean (adults only); leased from Louis Cruise Lines (Category D-not rated).

Emerald: entered service in 1958; refurbished in 1992; 26,431 GRT; 1,198-passenger capacity; leased from Louis Cruise Lines (Category D-not rated).

TUI Explorer: (formerly Celebrity Galaxy and Mein Schiff 1) and Mein Schiff 2 (formerly Celebrity Mercury) will be transfered from TUI in near future

Thomson Destiny (formerly Song of America): entered service in 1981; 37,000 GRT; 705 x 93 feet; 1,522-passenger capacity; 701 cabins; leased from Louis Cruises Lines (Category D-not rated).

Thomson Dream (formerly Westerdam, Homeric, and Costa Europa): entered service in 1986; lengthened 1990; refurbished in 2003 and 2005; 55,000 GRT; 798 x 101 feet; 1,494-passenger capacity; 733 cabins (Category D-Not rated).

Thomson Spirit (formerly Nieu Amsterdam): entered service in 1983; refurbished in 2003; 33,900 GRT; 1,254-passenger capacity; 627 cabins; leased from Louis Cruise Lines (Category D-not rated).

Thomson Celebration (formerly Noordam): entered service in 1884; refurbished in 2004; 33,930 GRT; 1254-passenger capacity; 627
 cabins (Category D-not rated).

TUI Discovery 1 and TUI Discovery 2 (formerly Splendour of the Seas and Legend of the Seas): entered service 1995; 69,130 GRT; 867 x 105 feet; 2,076-passenger capacity; 915 cabins; international officers and crew; (Category C/D-not rated)
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