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The Saga Building, Folkestone
Kent CT20 3SE, England
(800) 343-0273; +44 (0) 1303 771 111; 0800  096 0079
Saga Pearl II (formerly Astoria and Sagafjord): 18,591 GRT; 446-passenger capacity (Category C-not rated). This ship is to be transferred to sister brand Spirit of Adventure in May 2012 and renamed Quest for Adventure. It will replace Spirit of Adventure.

Saga Ruby (formerly Vistafjord and Caronia): entered service in 1973; refurbished in 1999; 23,492 GRT; 763-passenger capacity (Category C-not rated).

Saga Sapphire (formerly Europa, Holiday Dream, and Bleu de France): entered service in 1981; refitted in 2008; 37,301 GRT; 658 x 95 feet; 752-passenger capacity; 316 cabins (Category C-not rated).

Spirit of Discovery:   will enter  service 2019; 55,900 GRT; 999-passenger capacity
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