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National Geographic Endeavor II: entered service in 1966; rebuilt 1998; 3,132 GRT; 295 feet long; ninety-six-passenger capacity; fifty-six cabins; cruise grounds in Galapagos Islands.

National Geographic Explorer (formerly Lyngen and Midnatsol): entered service in 1982; renovated in 2007; 367 feet long; 148-passenger capacity; eighty-one cabins; cruise grounds include Arctic, Iceland, Greenland, Arctic Canada, Antarctica, South America, North America's Atlantic Coast, Newfoundland, the Baltic, and North Cape.

National Geographic Islander: entered service in 1994; 164 feet long; forty-eight-passenger capacity; twenty-four cabins; Galapagos Island cruises.

National Geographic Quest and National Geographic Venture: entered service in 2017 and 2018 respectively; 100-passenger capacity and 50 cabins

MV Orion: entered service in 2003; 4,000 GRT; 103 x 14.25 meters; ice-reinforced hull; 106-passenger capacity(double occupancy); fifty-three staterooms; ten zodiacs; exploration cruises to Antarctica, Papua New Guinea, Micronesia, Melanesia, Kimberly, Borneo, Spice Islands, Pacific Islands.

Sea Bird and Sea Lion: entered service in 1981 and 1982, respectively; 100 GRT; 151 x 31 feet; sixty-two-passenger capacity; thirty-one cabins; cruises Alaska, British Columbia, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia and Snake Rivers, Baja, and Sea of Cortez.

Sea Voyager: entered service in 1982; 354 GRT; 174 feet long; sixty-four-passenger capacity; thirty-two cabins.

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